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Emmanuel Christian Assembly is very involved in the local community in a number of different outreaches. Our members faithfully volunteer to serve in various capacities around the city. These are some of our ministry opportunities. All are welcomed to get involved!

Home Groups
Throughout the week we meet at each others homes for Bible study and a time of fellowship. We have five groups that meet Wednesday evenings at 7-8:30 PM and one that meets every Tuesday from 11 AM-12:30 PM. If would like to know more about any of the Home Groups please contact us. We would love to have you!
Food Pantry 
We serve families that are in need in our community through our food pantry 
ministry. This is a weekly ministry that takes place every Saturday. If you would like to learn more please follow the link below to our food bank page.
New Destiny Treament Center

Our Home groups take turns serving each month at the New Destiny Treatment Center. We present the Word to the residents and pray with them. We want them to know that God has a future for them!

Youth Ministry
We believe that we don't just need a nation of youth that are willing to stand up for their beliefs, but that we also need a nation of youth that are able to explain why they believe what they believe. Instead of arguing with the trend of tolerance we should be able to live Christ's example by speaking and living the truth of the Gospel, without fear of judgment. Our goal is to light a fire in the hearts of our youth by forming a family of young people. We want to learn to listen to each other, care for each other, and lean on each other in the hard times. We want to learn together to be better examples of Christ through worship, prayer, serving, and engaging biblical teaching. Of course we also hope to have fun along the way.​
Brookdale Senior Community Ministry
Alterra Sterling House is an assisted living community providing housing and supportive services such as bathing, dressing, medication administration and more to older adults.  We know in places like Alterra Sterling House the elderly are physically taken care of, but in our society today it is so easy to forget about the heart and soul. We forget that the elderly are unable to attend church services at their own place of worship as they did years before. We want to help serve to fill this need in their lives. We began holding services twice a month for the members of Alterra Sterling House. Since 2004 we have been building relationships as we sing, laugh, play games, cry, and pray - focused on Christ’s love. We remind the residents that they can still bear fruit with their vast knowledge and be filled with peace, love and joy.
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